Full Basic Obedience and Introductory Off-Leash Control Program


  • Purpose: Single command gets an instant reaction, under distractions, in a variety of environments
  • 6-10 weeks, typically starting at 3 private lessons per week in home (20-25 lesson average)
  • 1 to 2 public group classes available per week for lifetime of the dog
  • Begins in-home, fixing basic issues such as:
    • Socialization with kids, adults, or animals
    • Potty problems
    • Kennel Training
    • Introducing basic commands, first on-leash, then off-leash through use of an Ecollar; commands include…
      • Recall
      • Heel
      • Sit/Stay
      • Down/Stay
      • Place
      • Leave It

Intermediate to Advanced Handling and Full Off-Leash Control Program

$4000 & up

  • Purpose: Offered or recommended if further training is necessary to reach original goals due to unanticipated issues, or if further handler or off-leash training is desired.
  • Customized and quoted near or upon completion of preceding program
  • Duration depends upon personalized program, average 16-20 weeks
  • 1 to 2 private lessons per week, plus 1-2 group classes per week available and always encouraged for the lifetime of the dog

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