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We believe that dogs and their owners benefit most from training entire, balanced programs. However, no program is one size fits all, so we highly customize each program to fit your and your dog’s goals and needs! We always offer a free evaluation to get started, and then build a training and payment plan that works for your household, your dog, and most importantly, all of your long-term success.

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Available Training Packages

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One on one in home and public training

Basic On-Leash to Advanced Off-Leash

Paired with special issues training, such as:


  • Potty and kennel training
  • Aggression or Resource Guarding
  • Fearfulness, Anxiety, and More…
Starts at $4,000
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Solid Basic Obedience required

Basic Public Access and Task to Advanced Medical Alert or Response

Legitimate medical need required for Service Dog Training

Therapy Dog Training available to anyone

Starts at $4,000
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French Ring Focus

Accepting dogs under 6 months of age

Exceptions made case by case

Contact us ASAP for evaluation!

Starts at $6,000